STEM Journal

Older STEM Scouts have the opportunity to publish and share their experimental results through a peer-reviewed journal.

Be Published

By publishing results of their experiments or projects in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, older STEM Scouts can gain a sense of accomplishment and knowledge about research practices as well as a competitive advantage in pursuing college acceptance and scholarships.

A student who completes a research or engineering project has the opportunity to be the primary author of a paper and submit it to the Scientific Journal of the BSA. Each submission receives a blind review by experts in the topic. If accepted, the paper and its abstract will appear in the online journal.

All projects must follow the scientific method, conform to journal standards and be substantial works of research. Students may receive help from an adviser, but must write at least 75 percent of the paper themselves. Reviewers see the paper identified only by a tracking number and may send the paper back to the student for revisions.

Readers will be able to search papers by topics and download PDFs of the whole paper.

Join the STEM Scouts Movement

Whether you're interested in becoming a STEM Scout, a STEP (Short-Term, Experienced Professional) volunteer, a Lab leader or a field trip host, we have a place for you. Learn more about open Labs in your area.

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Be a Part of History

The Scout Council provides all of the training volunteers need to oversee a successful STEM Lab. Leaders don’t need all the answers, just an enthusiasm for working with curious young minds. Trained leaders and STEP (Short-Term, Experienced Professionals) volunteers work to create a positive, hands-on STEM experience. Middle and high school labs require that at least one leader have a STEM background.

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