Middle School

Middle school students dive deeper into wonder as they see the world through a microscope, a telescope or a computer. STEM Scouts let imagination take them in new directions—and take their experiments to a higher level.

Core Curriculum

STEM Scouts is a new way to discover science, technology, engineering and math. Middle school STEM Scouts explore exciting STEM-related topics in six-week series of lessons called modules. They get their hands dirty in fun, fast-paced weekly labs, designed and vetted by STEM educators and professionals. Here are a some of the core modules for middle school Scouts.


Learn about the effects of physical activity and energy on memory. Design and create a healthier way to make your favorite snack and create a clear and easy-to-read nutrition label.

Where's the Treasure?

Solve a mystery using the secrets of forensics, including blood typing and DNA fingerprinting. Explore the outdoors through geochaching games and make your own treasure hunt to solve.

Hyrdo Hype

Learn about hydraulics, how they work and the different liquids used. With your team, design and build a hydraulic arm. Race to see which team’s arm can pick up and move 20 soda cans the fastest.


Try a different STEM project every day. Learn about different topics, such as smoke bombs, electrical circuits, electromagnets, 3-D modeling, stop-motion animation and fast wheels.

Robot Race

Using Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0, design, build and program a robot to pick up and move ping pong balls. Compete against your fellow STEM Scouts to see whose robot gets the job done first.


What is astronomy all about? Explore the solar system, then travel beyond and learn about different stars. Finally, return to our solar system and look at how the Earth, Moon, and Sun interact with each other.

Program Electives

Take your STEM studies to a higher level through electives. Dig deeper into subjects that interest you. Take on different topics every week and expand your knowledge and skills.

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No Limits

Learn more STEM secrets as you explore on your own. Design your own experiments to learn more about different STEM topics that interest you.

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Learn about hydraulics, how they work and the different liquids used. With a team, design and build a hydraulic arm. Race to see which team’s arm can pick up and move soda cans the fastest.

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Coming Soon

More electives coming soon.

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Digital Badges

STEM Achievements

STEM Scouts earn digital badges as they learn new skills and achieve goals. Middle school Scouts are also eligible to receive achievement awards after completing Individual Learning Modules (ILM) in topics of their choice and publish the results of their work in a peer-reviewed STEM journal.

“The hands-on activities that you get to do are things you wouldn’t get to do in a sixth-grade science class,” -Breanna Norman, STEM Scout

The Mobile Lab

Vortex, the STEM Scouts 30-foot Mobile Lab, is available in some pilot council areas for fun on wheels at schools, festivals and events. The Vortex has smart TVs, computers and microscopes for hands-on experiments in learning modules of 5, 10 and 30 minutes. Middle school Scouts explore special effects in photography, robotic programming basics, penny boats and how they float, static racing, "monster" genetics, adaptation of birds and other experiments that directly relate to full learning modules.

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Personalized Study

Want to learn more about a particular topic? In addition to the weekly modules, STEM Scouts have the opportunity to further investigate topics of special interest. Choose from a variety of Individual Learning Models (ILMs) for independent, self-directed study.

Talk to your Lab Manager for details. Scouts who successfully complete an ILM will earn an achievement award.

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