Elementary School

Elementary STEM Scouts tinker, explore and get creative doing hands-on activities in weekly Lab meetings and monthly field trips. They try new things as they work with others, lead teams, communicate results and work with people in STEM careers.

Core Curriculum

STEM Scouts learning modules are designed and vetted by STEM educators and professionals to be fun and age-appropriate. Hands-on activities help students learn the academic concepts behind the experiments. Elementary-age STEM Scouts have the opportunity to earn participation awards for their weekly activities. The cost for a year is $200 and covers registration, eye protection and core curriculum. Here are some sample topics for elementary school STEM Scouts.

STEMStrong & Safety

Learn more about good health. How does exercise affect your heart rate? How do stethoscopes help you hear a heartbeat? See how much sugar and fat are in the foods you eat.

Mad About Gravity

How does gravity work? Learn how a parachute slows down a falling egg. Create a real-life “Angry Birds” game, participate in an egg drop challenge and launch your own designed rocket.

Squishy, Gooey Fun!

In this module, Scouts will investigate how to make bouncing balls and use different ratios of the same materials to make different substances. Scouts will also take a look at strawberry DNA and make an American flag out of squishy circuits. It's everything ooey gooey!

Creepy, Crawley Fun!

Have you ever eaten a bug? Learn about insects that make great food. Find out how mixing compost helps plants grow and which foods compost the fastest. Build a house for bees and learn how they help us.

Where’s the Treasure?

Does X really mark the spot? Solve the mystery of buried treasure with a pirate’s map, a compass and other forensic tools. Head outdoors for a modern-day treasure hunt with geocaching.


The Chaos module is designed to provide non-thematic activities that get scouts excited about STEM. The activities are quick, easy and most importantly, FUN!


Have you ever been curious about how robots work? In this module, you will make your own art bot, build a rover robot and program the rover to conduct search and rescue missions.


What is astronomy all about? Explore the solar system, then travel beyond and learn about different stars. Finally, return to our solar system and look at how the Earth, Moon, and Sun interact with each other.

Program Electives

Take your STEM studies to a higher level through electives. Dig deeper into subjects that interest you. Take on different topics every week and expand your knowledge and skills.

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How It Works

Learn how machines move and work. Create a simple machine and a computer app. Light up a tree house, design a marble run and build a contraption using simple machines.

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Coming Soon

More electives coming soon.

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Scouts will learn about disabilities as well as the assistive technologies people with disabilities use. Scouts will design and build new assistive technology for individuals with disabilities.

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Digital Badges

STEM Achievements

STEM Scouts recognizes Scouts' accomplishments through a system of digital badges for completing individual modules. After completing several modules, Scouts can move on to Individual Learning Modules (ILM) in topics of their choice. Those who complete an ILM to satisfaction receive an achievement award.

“STEM Scouts is amazing and I hope I can do it again next year.” -Jaden Bogert, STEM Scout

The Mobile Lab

Vortex, the STEM Scouts 30-foot Mobile Lab, is available in some pilot council areas. Fun on wheels at schools, festivals and events, the Vortex has smart TVs, computers and microscopes for hands-on experiments in 5-, 10- and 30-minute modules. Elementary-age Scouts explore flipbook animation, optical illusions, electrical circuits, composting, paper helicopters, Play-Doh™ chemistry and other experiments connected to full learning modules.

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Personalized Study

Want to learn more about a particular topic? In addition to the weekly modules, STEM Scouts have the opportunity to further investigate topics of special interest. Choose from a variety of Individual Learning Models (ILMs) for independent study.

Talk to your Lab manager for details.

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