Sponsored Organizations

STEM Scouts depend on sponsored organizations to host, lead and support Labs. You can play an important part in helping to educate America’s youth, invigorate their curiosity and shape future STEM leaders.


STEM Scouts needs Sponsored Organizations, such as companies, private schools, places of worship or civic groups, to help bring STEM Scouts to new groups of students. Sponsored organizations sponsor Labs and recruit male and female leaders and volunteers. Trained leaders and STEP (Short-Term, Experienced Professionals) volunteers work with the Sponsored Organization to create a positive STEM experience.

Sponsored Organizations sponsor Lab units and help organize weekly interactions with STEM professionals and field trips that provide students with an inside look into how STEM skills are used in business. Each Lab has at least five students, with at least two trained adult leaders for every 15 students. Labs meet weekly at a regular time and place. For middle and high school groups, a laboratory is preferred for safety purposes.

Thank you to our supporters: Eli Lilly Foundation,  The Grainger Foundation, Irving Materials, Inc. , Industrial Dielectrics, Inc.,  Gaylor Electric, InDesign, Robey Elementary PTO, Harrison Hill Elementary. 

Ready to bring STEM Scouts to your area?

Together, we can spark the curiosity of a new generation of students. Contact us for more information on becoming a Sponsored Organization, download a new lab unit application or for more information, visit our FAQs page.

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Register your Lab.
A. Complete new Lab application.
B. Sign Sponsored Organization annual agreement.
C. Pay a $40 insurance fee.

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Appoint Leaders

A. Identify 3 coed leaders (One STEM professional for middle and high school units).
B. Attend youth protection and leadership training.

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Recruit + Meet

A. Get the word out to students and parents in your area.
B. Hold recruiting events.
C. Meet weekly and have fun.

How Does it Work?

Shape. Tinker. Explore. Make.

The Sponsored Organization establishes the Lab and recruits students and adult volunteers, including both long-term and STEP (Short-Term Experienced Professional) volunteers. The organization includes STEM Scouts in its overall youth and family programs and conducts STEM Scouts according to BSA policies and guidelines. The organization is expected to encourage field trips and summer camp opportunities.

STEM Scouts needs adult volunteers, both with and without experience in STEM fields. The STEM Scouts office provides direction in selecting and approving leaders. Middle and high school Labs require that at least one leader has a STEM background. The Scout Council provides all of the materials and volunteer training needed for a successful Lab. Leaders don’t need all the answers, just an enthusiasm for working with curious, young minds. The council helps with recruiting events, training and resources, staff support, liability insurance and materials rental.

Insanitek Research and Design



IDI Composites

IDI Composites

InDesign, LLC

InDesign, LLC

Gaylor Electric

Gaylor Electric

Frankin Township Civic League

STEM Scouts at a Glance

  • Weekly Labs, monthly field trips, grouped by age
  • Volunteer leaders and short-term, professional volunteers
  • 4- to 6-week learning modules, created by STEM educators
  • Mentoring and publishing opportunities
  • New skills and character development opportunities
  • Virtual badges for achievements
  • Mobile Labs for learning on the go

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Whether you're interested in becoming a STEM scout, a volunteer, a leader or a host, we have a place for you. Learn more about open labs in your area.

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The Scout Council provides all of the training volunteers need to oversee a successful STEM Lab. Leaders don’t need all the answers, just enthusiasm. Trained leaders and STEP (Short-Term, Experienced Professionals) volunteers work to create a positive, hands-on STEM experience. 

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